Dog Activist Hunger Striker has Moved Across from the DA’s Office

Tamira with Jay and Wanda who stayed for two hours to protest with me

With Jay and Wanda who stayed for two hours to protest with me

Yesterday I was advised to set up at the other courthouse because there’s more action (and I use that term loosely in such a small town.) That was really great advice!

I was so tired last night that I couldn’t write my blog, so I had to write it this morning, and ended up at the courthouse around 11 or so. My plan from now on is to be there from 11-4 weekdays, and maybe take the message to other mobile areas with more action on the weekends if I”m capable.

Commonwealth Attorney Poindexter was not happy that we were set up across the street from him, at all. He was gesticulating to people he was talking to at the store across the street, and pointing in our direction. Then a little later the AC officer Tracy Terry went to the store next door, and drove right by, giving us a really smartass wave.

Honestly, I find them both pitiful. You have a woman on your doorstep who just wants Justice and Equal Treatment under the law, and has been deprived of this. She has been wronged by Surry County, and you both know it. Her nonprofit organization  has been defamed, and the dogs she serves suffer too.

She’s willing to die for the truth, and yet you have to go around and mock her instead of just doing the right thing?

After Wanda and Jay left, I sat in a chair I borrowed from Jay because I was feeling lightheaded because I’m on my third day without food of any kind.

A reporter asked me today, so you’re not eating anything at all?

No, I’m not eating anything at all. And, as someone ever-so-kindly pointed out—yes, I am chubby, and so it may take me awhile to die. I find that in my favor. Maybe I was like a squirrel, storing up for winter because I knew someday I’d need a little extra padding.

I’m smart like that.

Poindexter came over to me in a huff after awhile, and gave me a sheet of paper that the state policewoman who investigated the case against Whitfield gave him. He was very proud of the fact that DDB’s figures of the final amount added to her paycheck didn’t match up with the policewoman’s. Her final figure is $1006.22.

The final amount doesn’t matter. Does that make it any less an embezzling charge?

According to Virginia law:

To secure a conviction for the felony offense of embezzlement in Virginia, the government must prove that: (1) the defendant wrongfully and fraudulently converted, used, concealed or disposed of the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive the rightful owner of the use thereof, (2) the property had been entrusted by someone else to the defendant by virtue of the defendant’s employment, office or position, and (3) the value of the property was $200 or more.

If the value of the property is less than $200, the defendant can be convicted of embezzlement as a misdemeanor.

Therefore, it just doesn’t matter how much was taken, does it? What matters is that she added extra money to her paychecks, and that was confirmed by police investigation.

DDB simply asked her to give the money back to us long before we filed charges. She refused, and instead went to Animal Control to have me charged criminally with animal abuse even though I had done nothing wrong. Surry County officials jumped on it like a drowning rat jumps on a life boat.

The charges against her never got filed, and I am continually threatened with refiling of the charges against me.

That sums it up, and it’s unjust and cruel. And harassing.

Here is the link to my evidence page, for anyone who wants to see and read more:

A lot of people told me today I wouldn’t get anywhere with getting justice in Surry County, because that’s just the way it is here, and they all had a story of someone else who had been harmed. That’s sad, isn’t it? That people can’t feel safe and that right will win in the end.

That they are as beaten down as I’m feeling right about now.

That’s just sad.


18 thoughts on “Dog Activist Hunger Striker has Moved Across from the DA’s Office

  1. Kristine H. says:

    I think I will also skip Virginia as a vacation spot and go somewhere else. Sorry you have to suffer like this…sounds like a bunch of idiots run your town. We support you!

  2. Jean G. Velazquez says:

    We stand behind you. Shameful act by those representing the Law… Corrupt human beings. Fire them all!

  3. Barb says:

    If I lived closer we would be there with you!! The da needs to do his job remember people he was voted in and can be voted out!

  4. From a Romanian dog Rescuer. here in England, my heart and prayers are with you in the fight for justice. Doing the same here. Patricia (Miranda Tindles mum)

  5. Karen says:

    Stay STRONG Tami – JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL against these “backwoods southern lawyers” – you have a strong team of people behind you and WE BELIEVE IN YOU AND DDB – DO NOT GIVE IN TO THESE MORONS – they are certainly lacking a little something upstairs to continue to hurt you and the animals you have and continue to SAVE!!!!!!1

  6. miz says:

    Tami – Please don’t starve yourself to death because you’re dealing with fools at every turn! The dogs need you alive, healthy and well so that you can keep up the wonderful work you and your staff do every day while so many do nothing. Please stay healthy, the world needs you more than Heaven right now!

  7. Chloe S. says:

    Tami, I admire your willpower and integrity. I think it says a lot about Mr. Poindexter that he returned Benny Butts dogs to him for an educated man he sure is ignorant . Have you considered suing him and the woman who stole from you for defamation?

  8. Lida says:

    You are so brave. You are being harassed and bullied, which should be addressed. We have such serious animal abuse cases that relate to human violence (NY Times article in 2013), the bullying of good people that set healthy example in their community is absurd and a waste of time and tax dollars.

  9. Lida says:

    FThis needs media. Dif journalists from, local and non local tv,.Oprah, Hilary and Chelsea Clinton, utube, twitter, fb, list of numbers and emails to contact local and nationa, no kill nation, nathan winograd, susan kolb in nj, and anyone else to think of to make this go viral. And on local and national, these life disrupting, costly, harmful attacks that abuse the legal system to harm ones needs to stop. Child predators have more rights to not be harrassed in their communities as good people have their lives torn apart. Do not want you hurt but hunger strike is smart move to garner needed attn. This is also human, civil and women rts abuses. You have a right to exist without disruption of your life and function and needed community activities that not only help dogs, butbut help your community to be safer ag violence. Contact Nacp, civil rts groups, Wessley center for women, bloomberg daughters and their non profits, ms.mag, 17 mag,.animal planet etc. We all need to help her. And send this petition page and cover letter that entails these civil rt, human rt,.female rts, financial costs

  10. Lida says:

    Of literally ruining ones economic survival. And the violation of officials breaking trust responsibility causing unnecessary stress, duress, trauma, impact, burden and distress IS a fed violation, and sovereign rts violation.

  11. Darryl says:

    I think this is good progress, “Poindexter came over to me in a huff after awhile, and gave me a sheet of paper that the state policewoman who investigated the case against Whitfield gave him”. I think someone in the State Police is trying to help you from their side.

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