Believe People’s Actions, Not their Words

Day Nine's sign: Is this how all crime victims are treated?

Day Nine’s sign: Is this how all crime victims are treated?

Oh, the fresh irony of Gerald Poindexter. If I weren’t intimately involved, and being tarred and feathered and run out of town by him in the same way he ran out Bill Brinkman and Kathy Strouse (while innocently claiming he had nothing to do with it), I might even find him amusing in a scary way.

[Bill Brinkman was the long-time sheriff who helped in the Vick case, and Kathy Strouse was heading up an investigation team. Both did too good of a job, and were ‘gotten rid of,’ although Poindexter would deny having anything to do with it. Actions say differently.]

Make no mistake about it, this is not some fuzzy old guy who is harmless at heart. When he aims to take you down, he will stop at nothing and then deny involvement all the way to the bank.

And laugh at the fools who believed him along the way.

Remember folks, words are cheap. It’s actions that count, actions that show the heart’s true intent.

When someone undertakes a hunger strike, and sticks with it through Day 10 into oblivion, this clearly is the sign of a person who has exhausted all other options for justice against a system so corrupt that hope is lost without drastic action. There is absolutely no other way to get through a hunger strike than with a deep-rooted conviction in the moral rightness of the situation. None.

That is when action meets up with words; they are working in the same direction and have one and the same purpose.

When someone steals money from you, frames you, and then claims publicly that she’d never say anything against Dogs Deserve Better or you, which part do you believe when you’re standing in front of the judge? The part that gets you arrested, or the sweet words coming out of her mouth?

Don’t let people’s words fool you. Truth lies in their actions.

Take this latest, in an article in The Smithfield Times.

Poindexter was so eager for me to see what he said about me in the article, that he bought the paper at the local store, and had someone bring it over to me at my chair. See, now there’s an action. And that action says “Read this and weep, for I will continue to screw you until I get rid of you.”

A lot different than the words he said in the paper, which were “I don’t give a damn what they do down there,” said Poindexter about DDB’s mission. “I’m not against those types of interests — far from it.”

But that’s just not true, as his actions have shown time and time again. He talks about refiling charges against me, again, in the article, and as lazy as Surry County is about filing charges against ANYONE, I may be the first person in history they bother to refile charges on after they are dropped.

The entire time I waited for my court hearings, I never got one single shred of paper sent to me from Surry County. Nothing. Nothing about court dates, no notices of hearings. I only found out my court date was postponed from reading it in the newspaper. I was the one who informed my attorney. This is unheard of, not to mention illegal and a violation of defendants’ rights to due process.

When we went to court at the ten day mark to win our dog Jada back (who was seized illegally in the first place—never listed on a search warrant), and the judge proclaimed our dog in beautiful shape (see below), Poindexter still advocated that they postpone the hearing and continue to keep the dog.

[Note here, initially the judge is talking about the photos from when we first got Jada in 2011, NOT when she was seized. We believe she was thrown from a moving vehicle, she was found along the side of the road all beat up and we took her in. Then he talks about the photos taken the day of my arrest.]

Judges comment

Judges comment

Judges comments

Judges comments

Judges comments

Judges comments

Judges comments

Judges comments

That is a just action on the part of the judge. He looks at the photos, determines they had no right to seize our dog, and orders her back to Dogs Deserve Better.

Remember, Poindexter argued to postpone this hearing so they could keep OUR ONE, HEALTHY DOG longer. But look at this action that Poindexter undertook on a dogfighting case before Vick’s trial:

This is from Pet

“In September 1999, Surry County Virginia resident Benjamin Donald Butts, 39, was arrested for dogfighting and drugs. An air search for marijuana plantations uncovered 29 allegedly mangy, malnourished adult pit bulls and four puppies on Butts’ property.

Charged with 33 counts of dogfighting, 33 cruelty counts, drug charges and a charge of carrying a gun as a convicted felon, on September 6, Butts confessed that he had organized dogfights and trained fighting dogs.

Surry County District Court Judge Larry Palmer, at request of prosecutor Gerald G. POINDEXTER, released Butts’ 33 dogs back into his custody.”

Wow, huh? There Poindexter RECOMMENDED 33 DOGS BE GIVEN BACK DESPITE A CONFESSION OF DOGFIGHTING. And, they were mangy and malnourished.

The exact opposite of our pitbull.

I hope now that you can start to see the level of corruption I am dealing with.

He also makes a statement in the newspaper article that I framed Deana Whitfield for embezzling. Given that Deana was the only person doing payroll, and I admit to being clueless as to how to do it [and for our donors, I assure you we’ve fixed the factor that allowed this to happen. Payroll is now done online and both the treasurer and myself can get second eyes on it and do each time. And, I do know how to do payroll now.]

No other employee, myself included, was ‘accidently’ overpaid starting in March and running through June.

I had no idea it was happening, of course, or I would have put a stop it it immediately. I am responsible for this organization’s funds, and I felt and still feel at fault for trusting in one person to be honest in that position. I first became aware of the breach on July 15th, as seen below.

This was when the alleged embezzling was first discovered

This was when the alleged embezzling was first discovered

He also claims that Deana had ‘no criminal intent’ so he would not file charges. Says she offered to pay back the money but we refused. Yes, she did initially say she wanted to make it right. But she didn’t. It then became a long, involved e-mail back and forth exchange where she talked around the issue repeatedly, but refused to every answer the most basic question: HOW had her pay became so inflated? No answer. And, she refused to sign a basic statement which said she’d overpaid herself.

She wanted us to go to mediation, which we refused. When you take money from your employer, you don’t get to set the terms. You pay back the money or you get arrested, end of story.

Well, unless you work in Surry County, apparently.

Deana refuses to sign a document saying she overpaid herself and agreeing to pay back the money

Deana refuses to sign a document saying she overpaid herself and agreeing to pay back the money


The document simply states that she overpaid herself, and leaves it at that. I guess a deliberate overpayment is as opposed to an accidental overpayment? Oopsy, look at that? How did that extra money get into my account? Where did that come from? So weird…well, I guess now that it’s here, I’ll just keep it.

To see all the paystubs and other evidence, visit this link of my statement and evidence.

$1006.22 (the final tally of the state police officer Shawna Griffith who investigated the case, which differed from ours but we are fine with that and understand why she felt she needed to make the adjustment) isn’t a whole whole lot of money in the grand scheme of things, I get that. But for a rescue organization, especially one who was really struggling financially at the time, that would have been at least three dogs vetted, or three months heat for our dogs in the winter. That’s a lot.

And it is the intent, and then the subsequent framing of me and attempt to destroy the organization I worked to build since 2002 that make the whole thing unacceptable.

At least there’s an up side for all payroll management employees in Surry County. You are now FREE to OVERPAY YOURSELF at least $1000, and there’s nothing your employer can do about it. Go for it! Poindexter has clearly stated he sees no criminal intent in such an action, and you are in free to proceed at will.

If you DO get arrested, my apologies. In that case, you shouldn’t have listened to me, but I was just imparting the general wisdom I’ve gleaned from Gerald Poindexter.

If you have been arrested for embezzling in Surry County, please contact me. I’d like to hear you story.

So as it stands right now, Benny Butts got all 33 of his beat up, dogfighting pitbulls back, thanks to Poindexter. Vick’s cruelty charges got dropped, thanks to Poindexter. I will be recharged for animal cruelty despite the judge saying HE SAW A CLEAR LACK OF EVIDENCE OF CRUELTY, thanks to Poindexter. And Deana Whitfield will not be charged because she had no criminal intent when she took our money, thanks to Poindexter.

Always the actions, never the words. Remember it.

As I enter Day 10 of my Hunger Strike, my body has seemed to have more energy this week. I guess it decided to start going after the fat instead of waiting for food to come. Healthwise I am still hanging in there. My personal life is really suffering, as is my family, and I deeply regret that. It makes me really sad to see them hurting and feel that I am the cause because of this decision that I have made to fight back. Again, to them, I am sorry. I hope that someday this will be over and I will be alive and I will be able to make up to you all the hurt I am causing you right now.

I know they probably feel that my words and my actions are not adding up. I tell them I love them more than anything, but I put myself in a position of imminent danger on behalf of my cause, and I too feel the conflict. It’s very difficult.

Please, continue to contact any local or national media you can find, as well as Virginia authorities. Something must be done about this situation, and someone must be able to put a stop to the abuse of myself and my organization at the hands of Surry County DA and AC.

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