The Inmates are Not Running the Asylum

Me on Day 15, still standing!

Me on Day 15, still standing!

Although DDB friends and supporters are concerned for my health out there, many are asking the question, “If you’re out there, who’s making sure the center is running and the dogs are ok?”

I’ve got the answer for ya.

In March, 2013, Dogs Deserve Better was blessed to hire our first Director of Operations. For almost 12 years, I tried to do it all, because budget constraints didn’t allow me room to hire any executives to help run the organization.

Things I didn’t know how to do I had to learn how to do, and areas where I didn’t excel I had to at least do a passable job to keep Dogs Deserve Better up and running.

I kept wondering time and again how anyone else starts a nonprofit, because surely it couldn’t be this hard for everyone!

I spent almost two years here getting the center off the ground (and being almost destroyed for my efforts), and during that time the activist side of our work sadly deteriorated. I just couldn’t do it all, and the dogs here had immediate needs which had to be addressed before focusing my efforts outward. Running a center, even with a small amount of dogs, takes a huge amount of time and effort. Growing it, tiny piece by tiny piece, an even greater amount of energy.

Thanks to the second bequest we received last winter, funding was available to put an executive into place who has the skills needed to run the center, the small staff, and daily operations of the organization.

I’d like to welcome  Mark Hyre, our new Director of Operations! He comes from a management background, and always wanted to be involved with making a difference for dogs, so he has made the switch into the nonprofit world, and has done a lot of good for our center and our dogs since coming in March.

He got the roofs and doors on the sheds fixed where they had taken storm damage, he got debris removed from our fields, he has coordinated our new fence build (you can still sponsor a fence panel here: and he has ordered our sign for the front of our property.

I’m excited to have him as part of the team.

I spent March and April working with him and getting him trained in how the organization operates, and he is now poised and taking over the day to day operations of the organization. I am slated to go back to activist work, where my forte lies, while continuing as CEO of the organization.

Rest assured, the inmates are not running the asylum (at least, not any more than they used to…). Dogs Deserve Better has a very competent leader at the helm, and we are grateful for him.

We are also grateful to all those who are supporting me out there and who continue to believe in us through this difficult time.

I still cannot believe the corruption in this world, and at times the bitterness of this knowledge threatens to overwhelm me. People say that good prevails in the end, but I wonder. I really do.

If you have not signed our petition yet, please sign:

If you want to review all the evidence and timeline of the case, visit here:

To e-mail local and state officials, visit the link above and click on the links. It’s time we stand up to this corruption. The attempt to destroy me and Dogs Deserve Better potentially harms a rescue home for thousands of future dogs, while allowing all dog fighters in Surry County, VA to continue business as usual.

Can we as a society really allow this?

Thank you.