He Thinks It’s Sufficient?

When I post my blog, there are always folks who don’t understand it, because they are just coming into the blog and reading it on the net. To get a feel for what is going on if you’re new to my hunger strike and fight for justice in Surry County, VA, visit this link: http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/surrycounty.html

This blog addresses parts of the cases I’m protesting, or the activities that are going on during my hunger strike, which today hits Day 25.

Healthwise I’m still not doing so badly. I have lost about 25 lbs., which is a good thing, but not a fun way to do it, if there is such a thing as a fun way to do it. I am weak and have a lot of headaches, and admittedly I get pretty grumpy about not having any food…but those things are part and parcel of this kind of protest.

I am beginning to be harassed by a man where I am sitting, the first day he just came up and told me that I was not part of this community, that we didn’t pay for this property (yes, we certainly did, thanks to our donors and bequests it is paid in full), and that people were tight knit here and I just needed to leave.

He also told me that dogs were not important, only people were.

Yesterday he repeated the same in person, only more belligerently, then he went across the street to the store and kept yelling at me and waving his arms and pointing at me and repeating his comments to others that were going into the store.

If he did anything to physically harm me, I seriously doubt help for me would be forthcoming. If one is going to take a stand, I guess one has to expect to be harassed for it.

I’m a big fan of the suffragist movement, and have been reading books on Alice Paul, one of the driving forces in getting the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote after decades of women fighting for this basic right. What these poor women suffered in the name of equal rights was just so staggering, so incredible, and so commendable, that I cannot and should not complain about what I suffer for this small piece of justice.

Which brings me to a comment that the county attorney, Mr. Hefty (not Poindexter) made in the hearing to win Jada back about their evidence (or lack thereof).

He told the judge at the wrap up portion “I think it’s sufficient.”


I have to say, I almost laughed out loud at that point. Tracy Terry claimed there were ‘marks that had healed’ and ‘eyes appeared watery and red’, and that is sufficient evidence to seize a dog?


What dog in the world doesn’t have marks that have healed? Every dog is like a child…they hurt themselves, they do all kind of things, they have accidents. That certainly is not evidence 99% of the time that they are being cruelly treated by anyone.

Tracy Terry also admitted that the photos of Jada that day she was seized were true evidence. Like the judge, you will not see ONE mark on her…and the fact that her eyes are ‘watery and red’ is also highly debatable and certainly no indication that she is being tortured daily.


Think about it. Many of you have dogs that are older and are certainly not in the great shape that Jada is in these photos. How would you like it if Animal Control came to your house and seized your perfectly healthy dog based on the lies of another individual and a couple generic statements to make it somehow palatable to seize a perfectly healthy dog (without a warrant at that?)

It’s beyond my comprehension that this is allowed to go on in this or any other county in America. Just beyond my comprehension.

This was how Jada looked the day she was seized.

This was how Jada looked the day she was seized.


No, Mr. Hefty, IT’S NOT SUFFICIENT. Not in Surry County, not anywhere else in the world. To seize a dog who looks like Jada is never sufficient, unless you have some mighty fine evidence to show just cause. And you didn’t and you still don’t.

On the bright side, we got our sign installed yesterday! We are very grateful our donor, Caroline C., who gave the money for the sign after she drove to see us and couldn’t find us. We love, love, love it! We hope you do too. Come see us.

The new sign at the Good Newz Rehab Center. It's happy!

The new sign at the Good Newz Rehab Center. It’s happy!

To see our evidence in this fight for justice, visit our page at http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/surrycounty.html

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